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Contacted Wells Fargo as the old Wachovia Banks Auto Finance login page had changed.Immediately was jumped for the payment that I was logging in to send them.

Guy was a ***! When I knew I wasnt getting anywhere with him, asked for a supervisor. He REFUSED to get one until I sent a payment in!! He said, when asked for the super., "Did you send the payment in?", which was the tune we danced to for about 3 FULL minutes!

Finally got a supervisor, and at first she completely backed the guy without getting what had happened. All I was asking for was a explanation on some charges that were on my bill.

Was able to FINALLY work with her, after about 5 minutes of explaining what was going on, and still pretty sure she will NOT listen to the recorded conversation as I had asked her to do.Found out Wells Fargo had about 0% customer service!!!!!

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Wells Fargo shoulda stayed Wachovia! I agree-Loved Wachovia hate WF

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